The excellence network which bring together top level professionals with market industry.

Growing complexity of financial products and the development of alternative strategies in fund management ask for a deep understanding of market dynamics and technological advances. Being able to apply cutting hedge techniques in market practices is essential.

Our objectives are to provide an efficient integration process of new ideas and research innovation into powerful innovative tools for market practitioners.

High Tech – Finance – Economics – Physics at your service

Market as a main field of research, Market as a workplace, two alternative approaches?
The rapid evolution of new technologies and the growing complexity of market instruments deserve a synergic network between high skilled academics and top market practitioners.

Indeed Enterprise Risk Management, Quantitative Modeling, Asset-Liability Management, Alternative Management Strategies, and related topics when put to practice need:

Awareness on cutting hedge topics
In-depth Financial Risks inventory
Knowledge of the latest advances in financial modeling and investment strategies
High IT skills for efficient model implementation
Expertise in high performing, high availability computing platforms.
Market experience.
Finance-and-Physics network commitment is to bring together supply and demand in term of competencies to support investor’s evolution.

Academic Network

Since his birth, the main objective Finance-and-Physics has been to support interdisciplinary interactions and information exchange between Researchers.

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