5 Windows functions that Microsoft doesn’t eliminate even though they are older than 20 years

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The Microsoft Operating System is more than 30 years old and during all this time we have seen how each Windows version has tried to offer a more modern design and new functions. However, there are some functions that arrived 20 years ago and today, we still can find it on Windows 10. These are 5 Windows functions that Microsoft doesn’t eliminate even though they are more than 20 years.

Internet Explorer

Although with the arrival of the current version of Microsoft operating system the own Company took care of announcing with great fanfare the new web browser which accompanied the last version of its operating system, we can see how the browser still present in Windows 10. It all pointed to Edge was going to be the substitute of Internet Explorer, but even though Edge is the browser by defect, Microsoft still keeping Internet Explorer in the last operating system version despite of it hasn’t been updated since some time, it is not optimized for using it with touch screens and it doesn’t support extensions.

Windows Control Panel

One of the Windows 10 news was the recent Configuration page of the system, a place where you can access to different system settings in a more organized and modern way. However, and although it also pretended to be the tool that replaced the Control Panel, they are both still living together today.

However, this makes the users get confused at some times and don’t know where they have to go when they want to look for some adjustment or change some configuration. Some adjustments are even duplicated in both sites, when is it going to be the moment that  Microsoft completely finish the control panel?.

Internet telephone access

The Internet telephone access or Dial-Up was used for a long time since the arrival of Internet to our country. The olds 56k modem that gave us access to the internet only through telephone access, meaning we could not use the landline phone when we were connected to the Internet have stayed behind. However the Dial-Up still working on Windows despite of most countries have avialable high speed Internet connections.

System symbol

The command line or system symbol is a tool included in Windows since a long time. The great majority of configurations or actions that we can launch from the Windows graphical interface it can also be executed from the system symbol, it even offers the possibility of doing other type of operations that aren’t accessible from any other way. As a sustitute or more modern version of the system symbol, Microsoft added PowerShell, other tool based on commands line that allows to do everything we can do from the CMD and even with more options. Right now, both tools live together in Windows 10 because Microsoft hasn’t yet decided to eliminate the system symbol.

Local users in Windows

Although Microsoft hides the possibility of creating local users in Windows with accounts that aren’t from Microsoft, the truth is it still can be done. However, the software giant gives certain advantages to those users that create an user account in Windows 10 associated to its Microsoft account as the possibility to shop apps on the oficial Windows 10 store, use OneDrive, etc.

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