Lenovo Y Gaming Surround Sound Headset, review and opinion

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The best

  • Design
  • The games’ sound
  • Removable microphone

The worst

  • The controls only work with the USB connector
  • The headband’s padding
  • The music sounds quite flat

Lenovo Y headsets

Gaming headsets have earned the right to be one of the most important gaming peripherals for any gamer, not only because of their sound quality but also because of the immersive feeling you can get with them.

In this article, we are going to carry out a thorough review of the Lenovo Y Gaming Surround Headset, a model that ends up being the brand’s sole representative in this sector, just like it was with the Lenovo M800 gaming mouse that we reviewed recently.

We have to say that this is the brand’s first try in this sector, which already has very interesting models and where brands have been developing and constantly improving this type of accessories for a long time. Thanks to the current eSports boom, these peripherals are achieving increasing sales figures.

This model is not happy with being unnoticed, as it has all the features that anyone can ask for in a headset. We will see if it is capable of facing the best headsets.


When you see this headset for the first time, you cannot fail to notice how striking it is. Its combination of red and black elements displays a unique aesthetic, especially highlighting the red-backlit Y sign on each of the speakers, with the possibility of using several effects.

Once we have the headset in our hands, we realize that it is quite light and has a decent volume. The fact that it is big does not hinder us excessively when carrying it from one place to another, as it can be folded into a size that is more compact and easy to carry.

As for the quality of the materials, this review of the Lenovo Y Gaming Surround Sound Headset shows us that it is in line with what was shown in the Lenovo M800, meaning that we have black plastic, which covers the device on the outside, alongside another piece made in a translucent red where the earpads rest. These earpads are made of a leather that is quite soft to the touch, and we see a breathable red fabric inside the speaker.

The headband is covered by leather, which feels almost identical to that of the earpads, and it shows the embossed Lenovo logo. On the inside, it is padded and covered by the same breathable red fabric that we see inside the speakers.

A striking and curious element is that the headset has two connections, a typical 3.5 mm jack to use it with the smartphone, and a USB connector through which both the audio and the microphone work.


The headband provides the right pressure so that it stays in place seamlessly. The problem with it is that its padding is too hard, meaning that it can be slightly uncomfortable depending on how we wear it.

The opposite happens with the earpads, as they have a pretty substantial size that provides enough room to accommodate our ears.  The problem is their padding. The padding is very soft, which is generally appreciated, but in some cases your ears can rub against the fabric inside the padding, and this area is much harder and uncomfortable, so the headset can bother us during long gaming sessions if we do not wear it properly.

Even after knowing this and after testing the Lenovo Y Gaming Surround Sound Headset, it would be unfair to say that this headset is uncomfortable. If it is placed well, it offers enough comfort for a prolonged usage and does not get too hot while we are wearing it.

Sound quality

In terms of its features, we can expect a 40 mm driver and a 7.1 surround sound system that promises an incredible performance with games and movies. This would allow us to identify the sound’s direction and origin, giving us an advantage with action games.

We got the promised results while playing different games, as we were able to identify our enemies’ direction and origin, and get an outstanding ambient sound.

At a musical level, the device’s impressions have not met the expectations if we take into account how good we felt about the headset’s performance with games during our review of the Lenovo Y Gaming Surround Sound Headset.

This is obviously not a headset that is going to be used for music, but it is always nice to have an overall good sound quality. Here we can appreciate more clearly what this headset is really made for.

The overall sound is somewhat flat, as we can notice both a lack of mids and sharpness in highs, as well as some lows that are somewhat higher than what the music suggests. The equalization manages to correct this issue a little, although the best thing to do is not to change the curve too much. Something similar happens with movies, although with them the experience is better: a sharper voice and slightly artificial-sounding effects.

The microphone has its own audio jack to connect it to the headset, so it can rotate on itself to remove it when we do not need it. Moreover, it can be adjusted to put it however it suits us best. Thanks to its noise-cancelling system, the sound reception is quite accurate, as our voice can be heard sharply and clearly.

We have the volume control, which is featured on the cord, to adjust the headset’s volume and lock the mic by just pressing a button.


A software to manage the headset could not be missing, as this is something that is now common in gaming accessories However, during our review of the Lenovo Y Gaming Surround Sound Headset, we verified that we do not need the software because the headset works anyway. Of course, we will not have some features, such as the lighting or the volume control with the built-in buttons, which ends up being annoying if we want to connect the headset to something other than a PC.

Once it is installed, we confirm that the app can only be opened when the headset is connected. When we open the app, we see that the interface design is really clear, and we have 8 main sections where we can adjust different sound elements.

Although each of the audio configuration sections can be clearly seen as soon as we activate and modify them, the truth is that the effects are not as beneficial as one might expect. In the end, it is best to simply set the equalization curve that we like the most and that best suits our ear.

Setting up the led lighting is quite simple, although we appreciate the possibilities that are offered. We are able to adjust the light intensity in 3 levels, as well as having a pulse effect with two speeds, keeping the light glowing steadily or turning it off.

The mic also has its own settings with an independent volume control and Magic Voice, Xear’s voice modulator, which modifies the sound so that our voice can be that of a duck or a tyrannosaurus, among others. This is something curious, but it can surely make us laugh.


After what we saw while testing the Lenovo Y Gaming Surround Sound Headset, we can reward it with good scores. It performs adequately in every sense, although it stands out the most in the section for which it has been designed: gaming.

With eSports being increasingly popular, having the right headsets has become crucial for gamers, and this Lenovo model manages to offer an adequate performance for them. We can make the most out of any situation thanks to the accuracy of the sound during game sessions, which is high, and a microphone that works very well.

Getting used to this Lenovo gaming headset is not hard, although there are a couple of elements that could have been better, such as the padding of both the headband and the earpads. As for ergonomics, there are no complaints because the headset adapts perfectly to the head, and its lightness also helps.

The Lenovo Y Gaming Surround Sound Headset’s price point is around 32 dollars on Lenovo’s official store, which is quite high, although it is true that it has everything it needs to find a place for itself on this competitive market where it has rivals as tough as the Corsair Void Surround.

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