Multi-touch tablets for the classrooms. Simple and low-cost devices

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As the days go by, the start of a new school year approaches, and millions of students from the most basic to the superior levels are getting ready to go back to class once again. There are novelties every year, and among them we can see a major inclusion of PCs and other devices designed for everyone. Today, we are going to talk about multi-touch tablets.

These models boast several features that makes them more appealing than laptops in a major way, for example, smaller dimensions or the ability to write directly on them without having to use keyboards, which translates into devices that are lighter and easier to carry around. If we add another series of balanced features, like the price, for example, we can find useful and low-cost devices that could perform well in theory. Down below, we will show you a list of some of the devices that, despite coming from discrete brands in some cases, try to get their slice of the cake by enticing groups such as students.

1. Archos 101E NEON

We open up with one of the products on the gala technology. In some of the most important technologies fairs on this year, it has been showing its new supports in both table and smartphone format. In this case, we show you the 101E NEON, that for about 114 euros, offers features like a 10,1” screen with various simultaneous pressure points and a resolution of 1024×600 píxels, a processor disigned by MediaTek that reaches 1,3 Ghz and Android 5.1. Even though it doesn’t have Windows, it is possible to download text processors in it. Its storage capacity is 32 GB, and its RAM is 1 GB.

2. Multi touch but simple Tablets. Anteck 7

In the second place we find a more discreet terminal in every sense. Its 7” screen  recognizes 5 simultaneous pulses. Just as the first device that we show you, this one works with Lollipop too and it’s possible to install in it some apps to write and store writtings. Its RAM also stays at 1 GB and the initial storage is 8 GB, expandable with Micro SD. Talking about networks, it’s ready for 2G and 3G and besides that, it counts with two cameras. The back one of 2 Mpx and the frontal of 0,3. Like we said at the beginning when we presented you this model, its features are very modest, including its price, about 70 euros in the main Internet shopping portals.

3. Xoro PAD

As we are seeing, the shown multi-touch tablets are affordable, and because of this, we can not ask cutting-edge services. However, for those who are a little more demanding, the third option may result interesting. Like we said a few days ago, on the working environment and on classrooms, Windows offers more solvency than Android. Xoro Pad counts with the 8.1 version of this platform. In addition, it has a 9” screen accompained of a resolution of 1280×800 píxels, a processor that reaches 1,84 Ghz at specific moments, a 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity. Even though it has an interface that today is very criticized, factors like its board mode, or its WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth and 3G can compensate it. It is around 159 euros.

4. iRULU eXpro 3

Another of the points in common of all of these supports, is the fact that they come, mostly, from unknown firms at least in Spain. On the fourth place, we show you a terminal that presumes to be compact: Just 7”. Despite of recognizing various simultaneous pressure points, writting on it could be a little uncomfortable because of its dimensions. The rest of its features are these: Android 6.0 according to its creators, expandable internal memory up to 32 GB, 1 GB of RAM and support for 3G and WiFi. It is equipped with two cameras of 0,3 Mpx. When it was launched a few months ago, its released price was close to 90 euros. Today it is possible to find it for about 56 euros. Do you think this last amount is appropriate having these specifications?

5. MaiTai 10

The last of the multi-touch tablets we are going to show you today comes, as you can think by its name, from chinese technology. This model, that cost about 119 euros, comes with the following features: 10,1” screen with QHD resolution, processor that reaches 2 Ghz peaks and two cameras of 8 and 2 Mpx. All of this set this terminal as usefull for more demanding users and for those who looks for a model focussed on leisure. It’s equipped with Android Nougat and admits several text formats like PDF, txt or html. It also can be use as ebook. It has a 8.000 mAh battery.

As you have been able to check, if you investigate with some patience, it’s possible to find  a lot of terminal that, with higher or lower success, try to go for specific types of users. Do you think these options we have shown you, may be usefull por certain gruops of students? Wich ones do you think might be the weaknesses that would winder its entry? In case of being one of those who are going back to classroom in a few days, what methods do you prefer to be up to date? We leave you related information avialable like for example, a list with educational apps that may complement the devices so you can know and learn more.


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