10 suggestions to protect ourselves against ransomware

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One of the malware attacks which has grown most during 2017 has been ransomware. As we know, the cybercriminal tries to seize the victim’s equipment. He encodes the files and folders, and in order to be able to recover them, he asks for a monetary ransom. They tend to attack corporations where this information is vital. An example could be healthcare, government or critical infrastructures. In this article we will give 10 useful suggestions to protect ourselves against ransomware.

Protecting ourselves against ransomware

Create secure copies

Certainly there is nothing better than this. The problem with ransomware is that we can’t access our files. If we periodically saved all of our documents in case of an eventual attack, the damage would be less. For this reason it is strongly recommended to create secure copies, especially of that which is really important to us. Even more so in the workplace.

Show hidden files

One of the abilities that ransomware has is to hide itself. To avoid having infected files without realizing it, a good option is to show hidden files. To do this you have to go to the “view” options for files and folders and click on the option to show hidden files.

Try to avoid the use of pen drives

Whenever possible, try not to share files on pen drives. This is a very common method for passing files between friends and family. However, we don’t know if a friend’s computer might be infected. When we do use them, we need to be very cautious with any strange files it may contain.

Careful with the downloads

One has to be very careful with the pop-up windows that appear on some websites. Sometimes they “invite” us to download files that can contain malware and in many occasions, ransomware.


If there is a type of file we need to be very careful with, these are the EXE files. If we see one of these files in our email, we must never open it. This format is ideal for the cybercriminals to spread the threat.

Having security software

Something vital to keep our device safe is to have security software. Having security programs and tools, specifically focused on ransomware is key to detect threats.

Having the software updated

As important as having the programs installed, is to have them updated. Only if we have the latest version can we face possible threats that put at risk the good performance of our computer.

Disconnect the Internet in case of infection

If we have been infected by some kind of ransomware, the best thing to do is to quickly disconnect our computer from the Internet. This means, not only, to disconnect the cable but also the WiFi in order to avoid a worse case-scenario.

Don’t use old operative systems

Usually, the oldest operative systems have more security vulnerabilities. Most of them aren’t updated to face the most recent threats. So, it is advisable to have an operative system as recent as possible.

Common sense

Maybe this is the most important thing to prevent issues. Most of the ransomwares need user interaction to execute. Because of this, we should always be on guard to face any possible threat.

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