5 interesting security apps for iOS devices

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The security of our devices is fundamental. There are more and more threats every day. Moreover, these are focused on the most popular devices or OS. Because of this, in the last months we have seen an increase in malware focused on mobile phones. In this segment, as we know, Android and iOS are the leaders. In this article we will focus on the bitten apple’s system. We will see 5 security apps for iOS devices.

McAfee Security

A classic in security. It contains an antivirus and security programs for many operative systems. It couldn’t be absent on iPhone. This is one of the five security apps for iOS devices that we want to mention.

As we know, they have been creating different antivirus for years now. On iOS it has some interesting tools that will be very appreciated by users. Among them, we can find the blocking of videos and photos, creating a security backup of contacts and locating our phone in case we lose it.

It is undoubtedly one of the best antivirus we can incorporate to our iPhone mobile. It has also customized options.

Avast Secure-Me

Another antivirus classic: Avast. Many of us have probably had in some moment an antivirus from this company. This application is the first one created to protect iOS devices.

If there is something dangerous when using mobile phones, that is connecting to unsafe WiFi networks. For example, being in an airport, mall or crowded places. We already talked about why you shouldn’t connect to a public network. Avast Secure-Me, among its options, warns the user when a WiFi connection is not secure.

Besides, it has also a VPN function that will protect our browser, our browsing history, data, etc.

Norton Mobile Security

The third option of the five options in security applications for iOS is the one from Norton Mobile Security. Another very well-known brand, many users trust this antivirus and those that use an iPhone mobile can do so too.

Among its functions, we can find a tracker in case you lose the device. We can also do security backups of our contacts and recover them. Besides, it has an alarm function that goes on when the device is lost.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

This application offers the possibility of guaranteeing a secure Internet browser all the time. It warns us every time we visit a website that could potentially be a scam, for example. It also makes a security backup of the contacts.

Lookout Mobile Security

This is one of the top rated applications by users. As the previous ones, it allows us to make a security backup of the contacts, as well as of personal data. It also keeps us safe from possibly unsafe WiFi connections.

These are some of the applications we can use to keep our iOS safe. As we always say, having security tools and programs is important, as well as having them updated. Only by doing this will we be able to face the threats that put at risk the good performance of our device.

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