Should Microsoft pay more attention to the needs and requests of its users?

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The firm with its headquarters in Redmond has been one of the most important technology businesses for many years with many of its applications and platforms, among which has to especially stand out its popular operating system Windows, in its various versions.

Investigating more deeply the most-used system in desktop environments in the whole work, we can say that since it was launched around two-and-a-half years ago, Microsoft has planned to keep establishing a complete “Windows 10 Universe,” where its users can enjoy a complete multi-platform and multi-device environment that encompasses and synchronizes every type of platform, including their own as well as third-party ones.

For all of that, there is no doubt that one of the most important moves that the company has made is the creation of its program Insider, a project by which, all for a low cost, it has the possibility of knowing first-hand the experiences, opinions and needs of its users in the new developments that it is currently carrying out.

In this way, the Redmond firm can continue working on its projects based on the opinions of its users all over the globe, or at least that is what they frequently tell us. Therefore, what they affirm is that, by means of their Insiders, in addition to Microsoft’s own forums, they are able to develop Windows 10, along with other products, giving special attention to that which the users really want to reach them in the final development, which in the long-term affects many millions of clients.

Microsoft should pay more attention to its own users

This is, of course, what the software giant comments publicly on multiple occasions, nevertheless the reality is very different in a lot of cases. We say this because many of the users, especially those belonging to the Insider program, have been complaining for a long time that instead of listening to them, Microsoft often ignores even the most numerous feedback messages, many times producing completely the opposite of what is asked for.

It is true that little by little the firm adapts its projects to many of the needs of the majority, but perhaps at a slower pace than that which many would like. This could be one of the reasons, for example, why Windows 10 is not growing with the speed initially hoped for, since millions of users refuse to migrate from Windows 7, like the company would like.

In the same way, the fact that they are not listening to the majority, may have had a lot to do with the almost complete lack of acceptance of the mobile designs of Microsoft for mobile phones, designs which have never even been able to present a risk to Google’s Android or Apples’ iOS.

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