Shopping guide: Which is the best USB hard disk for P54 and Xbox One?

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Speaking about console storage, as we did on these last days, today we bring you a shopping guide so you can find the best external USB hard disk for the Sony PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, considering performance, durability, capacity and of course, the price-quality relationship.

Nowadays, the size of videogames grows bigger and bigger every day, so storage needs are on the rise. We always have the option of installing a different hard disk on our console, but both Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One allow us to use an external USB hard disk even to install the games, so the internal storage of the console ceases to be a problem.

Some companies such as Seagate have external USB hard disks specifically designed for consoles, the Game Drives, which are nothing but standard storage units with 3.0 USB connectivity of up to 4 TB of capacity (of course, with green details on the Xbox version and blue details on the PS4 version) and with the possibility of the unit being an SSD for better performance. However, here we will be limited by the transfer speed of the console’s USB, so a normal mechanical disk serves us perfectly. Moreover, the settings and format of the disk will have to be set from the console, so we really can use any disk, in theory.

Keep in mind we’ve only selected 2,5” units, since 3,5” units need additional power and we are not interested in that: we just want to connect the device to the console and that’s it, no more cables and plugs. So let’s get on with the shopping guide.

3.0 USB Hard Disk of up to 500 GB

If we are looking for a 3.0 USB hard disk of up to 500 GB we can perfectly go to the cheap range and here the Toshiba Canbio Basics have the best price-quality relationship. We can find them from 48 euros in any store (they have a very big availability since they are top in sales).

3.0 USB Hard Disk of up to 1 TB

This is the best-seller external disk in 2,5” format, and we have the 1 TB version of the previous disk for only 6 euros more, something that would be definitely worth it. But since we are on it, let’s go to a higher range, and the unit we recommend is the WD My Passport 1 TB, that costs 66 euros approximately.

3.0 USB Hard Disk of up to 2 TB

We jump to the 2 TB, a very respectable storage size and here we switch brands again to recommend you the one that, from our point of view, has the best price-quality relationship. It is the Seagate Expansion 2 TB, whose price is something around 83 euros.


USB 3.0 hard drive of up to 4 TB

Let’s switch to 4 TB, a storage capacity that manufacturers no longer create in a 2.5-inch format, therefore the choices are more limited. This is why we choose the WD My Passport 4 TB again. Its price is around €137.

External USB hard drive, editor’s choice

In this last section, what I would recommend you is essentially what I would buy based on my personal preferences. To tell you the truth, I do not need a 4 TB storage capacity in my console, especially because I have the 1 TB version, which is more than enough. However, if I had to buy an external hard drive for the console, I would like it to be small, quiet and very fast, even if that means spending more money.

Therefore, my personal choice would be the Samsung T5 in its 250 GB version in this case, as I think it is more than enough to install around 8-12 games depending on their size. Also, it provides a great speed without making any noise or taking up much space. Moreover, its price is high (it costs approximately €150), but it is quite better than buying the 500 GB version.

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